Zhu Zhu RockStars – Roxie, Ryder, Pax and Kingston

New line of motorized hamsters called Zhu Zhu RockStars includes four new electronic pets: Roxie, Ryder, Pax and Kingston. These toys are not only have the names of celebrity babies, but have really cool look – mohawk hair stiles and crazy colored fur make them really unusual and high collectible.

Actually there are lots of different line and exclusive Zhu Zhu Hamsters, like WildBunch line – four wild animals to make your pet world more real; the first line of four pets, who produced the awesome success; kung zhu line battling hamsters, line of baby hamster for girl – so sweet and so cute little babies can make everyone smiling. And this new RockStars line to add some freshness and glow to the Zhu Zhu World.

The entire pack includes four long-haired hamsters: Roxie, Ryder, Pax and Kingston. All of them have pink fur except Kingston, he has gray coat, and all of them has very cool and somebody can say weird hair styles – multicolored mohawks. Roxie has pink with black mohawk and pink ears, she is the only one girl in the pack. Ryder has black with white mohawk and Pax – brown with white. Kingstone a little bit differs from others, because he has quite shorter mohawk and it’s monochrome – only white color. As for the rest, these four guys look, sound and act like other zhu zhus, they can run back and forward, interact with habitats and kids, make funny noises and you can dress them up with new outfits, to make them even more RockStars than they already are.

There are at least 60 different pets – hamsters and animals in Zhu Zhu World. And it’s very good sign, because they were popular, they are popular now and they will be popular in a future. The popularity comes from their price, electronic chips inside and lots of different addons and play sets. Children love to collect and build unique constructions from the pieces, that’s why it’s still one of the hottest toys of this year.