Unique Names For Rabbits – Never Be Stuck With Bunnykins Again

Looking for great names for rabbits? Sick of the usual boring suspects? Check out our unique, fun names below and you’ll never have to resort to ‘Bunnykins’ again, unless you want to of course!

Bunny-Aid: Famous singers

Does your bunny fancy himself as a rock star? Loves to be the centre of attention? Pick a great name to go with that attitude.

Names for boy rabbits: Elvis, Bono, Sting, Marley, Prince, Bowie, Ziggy, Axl, Mick, Kurt, Ringo, Robbie, Jools, Eminem, Usher, Moby, Seal, Snoop, Fiddy, Buble.

Names for girl rabbits: Cher, Fergie, Madonna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, K.d, Britney, Dido, Mariah, Kelly, Amy, Carrie, Taylor, Pink, Alicia, Avril, Jewel, Gwen.

Pass Me My RayBuns: Designer bunny names

Gucci, Dolce, Gabbana, D&G, RayBan, Prada, Hugo, Fendi, Calvin, Giorgio, Armani, Jean Paul, Gaultier, Kors, Oscar, Versace, Vera, Choo, Manolo, Miu Miu.

Meant For Each Other: Names for pairs of rabbits

Salt & Pepper, Bubble & Squeak, Arthur & Martha, George & Mildred, Superman & Lois Lane, Tom & Jerry, Milo & Otis, Batman & Robin, Hansel & Gretel, Asterix & Obelix, Barbie & Ken, Barnes & Noble, Ben & Jerry, Wallace & Gromit, Venus & Serena, Victoria & Albert, Edward & Mrs Simpson, Rhubarb & Custard, Rock (Hudson) & Doris (Day), Homer & Marge, Gin & Tonic (or G&T), Calvin & Hobbes, Chip & Dale.

Don’t Fence Me In: For the bunny who’s a rebel at heart

James Dean, Courtney, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry, Bonnie & Clyde (see ‘Bunny Love’ above for more names for rabbit pairs).

Oh You Smell So Sweet: Names from famous perfumes

Chanel, Coco, Envy, CK, No5, Angel, Allure, Anais, Eden, Paris, Joy, Miss Dior, Diorelle, Diorling, Charlie, Crystelle, Cinnabar, Bluebelle, Giorgio, Lou Lou, Samsara, Tommy Girl, Organza.

Just Too Cute

These names are for that extra special, gentle bun that needs something really cute.

Crumbles, Poppy, Pinks, Bumble, Brambles, Marcello, Squeakle, Tartuffo (truffle in Italian), Winkles, Po (the baby of the Teletubbies, Crinkle, Jelly Bean.

Why People Love Rabbits

People who own and love rabbits are not afraid to share about why they love these furry creatures so much. There are many reasons to love rabbits. Not all reasons are obvious to those who have not owned a rabbit, though. Many of the reasons to love rabbits are based upon their fun personalities and quirky behaviors.


A rabbit has a unique personality that is a mix of dog, cat and wild animal. They are certainly in a class of their own. Some of the rabbit behavior that makes you love rabbits is their fun little habits and actions that show their unique personality.

Rabbits are so adorable when they are trying to get attention. They love to be pampered and they crave interaction because they are very social creatures. In order to get attention many rabbits will nudge you. This can be a signal they want to be petted or simply that they want you to move. Rabbits are also very in tune with their environment. When they become attached to their owner they will start responding when they come into view by standing up and looking around, jumping or making noise.

One of the best shows of a rabbit’s personality is the funny little dances and jumps they do. When a rabbit is really happy they may jump in the air and kick their legs. If they are mad they may stomp around. They really let their personality shine and are never afraid to tell you how they feel.


Rabbit behavior is also an area that makes people fall in love with rabbits. Their peculiar behavior is often a result of their wild roots. You may be able to tame a rabbit and keep it as a pet, but it will never lose all of that wild spirit and that often comes out in their behavior.

When a rabbit really loves someone they will do an odd mating ritual of running around them in circles. They will just keep running around and around. It is so cute that you cannot help but give them attention, which is exactly what they want.

Rabbits can be quite naughty. They have natural instincts to chew and they will chew pretty much anything they can. If you scold them they will stop and become very still. Many rabbits have mastered the art of acting completely innocent and giving a look that says “I didn’t do it”. As soon as you walk away they are right back at doing what got them in trouble. While it can be irritating, it is also rather cute.

Just Being a Bunny

Above all else, people love rabbits because they are rabbits. Just being themselves is enough to make some people choose them over more conventional pets. Rabbits can wiggle their nose in that adorable way. They are soft and fluffy. They can be extremely lovable and are almost always friendly. On top of that, rabbits are self groomers so you rarely will ever have to bath them. They are also a quiet animal, so no barking or meowing to drive you crazy.

There are so many reasons to love rabbits. As you can see, a rabbit is a special pet. They are so different from other animals and unique in their own bunny way. Anyone who has ever owned a rabbit will tell you that it takes only a second to fall completely in love with one of these little bundles of fluff.

Give your pets outdoor rabbit hutches they will love.

Bunny Love: Benefits of Rabbits as Pets

Are you thinking of adopting a rabbit for a pet? We don’t blame you–rabbits are very cute animals, who can give you many years of affection and amusement.

However, be sure you are ready for the responsibilities of taking care of this animal. While they are certainly easier to manage than dogs, they still require some attention.

For example, rabbits molt four times a year, so be prepared for a little fur on your sofa every few months. They’ll need hay, a litter box, and a cage (clean frequently with white vinegar to remove odors). If you use hay or woodstove pellets for their litter boxes, you can use these to fertilize your garden when it’s time for a litter change.

When you own a rabbit, you need to accept that a little nibbling is part of the territory. Protect electric cords with casings (available at hardware stores) since the poor pets may get quite a shock if they try to test their teeth on them!

You should also be willing to pamper your rabbit with petting and play (rabbits get depressed if they don’t get enough exercise). Rabbit gyms are available in pet stores. They have tube tunnels that will encourage your pet to run and race, even if you can’t let him out in the garden. Those tube tunnels will also make an interesting conversation piece for your guests–talk about the “new” form of “installation art”!

Not all veterinarians are trained to take care of rabbits, who are considered “exotic pets”/ You may need to shop around and call various clinics, which are usually listed in the phone directory. The pet store may also refer you to veterinarians. .

And finally, if you have children, do talk to your pediatrician first before buying a rabbit. The doctor is in the best position to tell you whether your child has any allergies, asthma problems or other health concerns that may be aggravated by rabbit fur. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

But these sacrifices are nothing compared to the benefits of having a pet rabbit. For one thing, your pet will inspire you to change your diet–since you have to keep a supply of fresh vegetables for him, you might as well make yourself a salad! Recent studies also reveal that owning a pet significantly reduces blood pressure and can even help with depression.

You don’t need to take rabbits for a walk, or worry about the inconvenience of walking around with a “pooper scooper”. Just let him out in the early morning or dusk, and watch him play while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Nor do you have to worry about your rabbits disrupting the neighbors. They don’t bark or meow, and the “loudest” they ever get is the patter of their feet on the floor. That makes them ideal pets for apartment dwellers.

Rabbits are also ideal pets for the elderly, who may not have the energy to take care of a very large animal. They love being petted and are the ideal “lap pets”.