Lemur For Sale: Discipline Is Important

A lemur for sale is a good pet to have at home. Lemurs are really good companions to have at home because they are really energetic. If you are munching on something, he wants to have a piece of it as well. This sounds fun but this also means that you need to discipline your lemur pet by establishing manners. This needs to be done while lemurs are still at a young age. By doing so, you can teach your lemur pet that he can eat your food if you hand it over to him and not when it’s on your plate. If he doesn’t stick with the rules placing him inside his cage when you eat meals will be a good idea to do.

A lemur for sale may look really cute but you need to set rules if you want to have a harmonious relationship with your pet. This will also help you prevent your exotic pet from ruining furniture at home. Lemurs will steal food from you and your family if you allow them to do so. This is actually their way of getting your attention and causing you to have a reaction. This is something they really love. Knowing that your pet is interested in spending time with you is good but not all the time, which is why teaching lemurs some manners at an early age, is very important. Provide your pet the proper discipline and you’ll save yourself, your family, and your house a lot of trouble.

Lemurs are very smart exotic animals. They are also known to be really agile. Lemurs usually don’t knock things over, hurt themselves, or destroy things around them but a few precautions are still necessary and you should be well aware of them. If you decide to let your lemur run loose inside the house, make sure that you don’t let him get inside rooms that have ceiling fans in them. Ceiling fans are considered a big no, no when lemurs are allowed to run loose inside the house as these may cause them some serious injuries. Your pet lemur may decide to jump on the fan and hit the middle of the blades and as a result, get injured. Aside from ceiling fans, lemurs also quickly get excited about sudden loud noises so you need to take some caution when you’re cooking in the kitchen. It is highly advised that lemurs be kept in their cages whenever you need to cook food inside the kitchen.

When the time comes that you need to place your pet lemur back in his cage, be sure to allot some time for this as these exotic animals can determine when you want to catch them and when you want to just pet them. This may cause you to have a chase inside the house but that is something you don’t want to do as this can result to broken furnishings, future behavioral problems, and a scared pet. Instead of chasing your lemur around the house, try using treats to lure him inside his cage.

Raising A Ring Tail Lemur: Facts You Shouldn’t Miss

Raising a ring tail lemur entails a lot of responsibility since you’re going to have to take care of an exotic pet in your own home. Exotic animals are called so because they’re a lot different from the usual house pets that people take care of in their households.

Before deciding on raising a ring tail lemur at home, you first need to read thoroughly about the type of exotic pet that you want to bring home with you from the pet store. The first thing you need to know about these exotic pets would be their physical characteristics. Ring tailed lemurs are called so because they sport black and white rings on their tails. The name lemur on the other hand, is derived from the Latin word, which means spirits or ghosts because this exotic animal is known to be nocturnal in nature. However, ring tailed ones are known to be diurnal and they are also known to be somewhat terrestrial as compared to other species of lemurs. Even though they are arboreal, these animals spend around 33 percent of their time on the ground. In fact, ring tailed lemurs are known to be the most terrestrial among all the species of lemurs. Even though they’re already an endangered species, they still remain to be really popular among pet lovers because of their really cute looks and social nature.

These animals are larger in size as compared to other species since they range from 40 to 50 cm in terms of body length. What’s amazing is that their tails are longer than their body length. Their tails average from 56 to 65 cm. These are furry and have black and white rings as well as a black tip. The number of black rings is higher than the number of white rings. Their bodies on the other hand are covered with black skin and have fur that’s grayish in color. However, some of them have rosy brown fur. They have white patches on their face, chest, ears, underbelly, and throat. Their face is pointed and they have a snout that resembles that of a fox, which is black in color. Their amber-colored eyes are also covered with black skin and somewhat resembles that of a mask.

Let’s move on to the habitat and diet of these cute little animals. They are native to the island of Madagascar. They are often found in highland areas. They love staying in places where there are lot of trees specifically those that have horizontal branches on them. Even though they’re omnivorous in nature, they typically feed on flowers, fruits, bark, sap, leaves, and herbs. They also love feeding on the pods and leaves of the tamarind tree. Aside from that, they also eat grasshoppers, spiders, small birds, chameleons, caterpillars, and lizards. Moreover, they also eat the cocoons of insects, spider webs, and decayed wood. They feed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.