The Cleanest Pets For Your Home

To their owners, pets are a source of companionship, comfort and love. They become a part of the family. Some are house pets and some live outside. When deciding to get a house pet, cleanliness should definitely be considered.

Someone is going to be responsible for keeping the pet and its area clean and so finding out what pets are the cleanest is one step in making a choice.


Not many people would argue with the fact that cat’s are clean. They are constantly bathing themselves and they use a litter box for their bodily functions. Unless the cat refuses to be trained to a litter box, they are very clean pets.

The downside to cats is hairballs and shedding. Hairballs are accumulations of hair that builds up due to the constant bathing a cat does. Eventually the cat will regurgitate them, not a pretty site and quite gross to clean up. Shedding isn’t gross, just a nuisance because it gets on clothing, furniture and helps create dust bunnies.

Another factor that plays against the cat is their curiosity. Cats are notoriously nosey and their ability to jump combined with their curiosity is a mess waiting to happen. Glasses knocked off counters and fish bowls turned over are some examples.


Dogs are messier than cats, that’s a given. They are somewhat harder to train and have to be taken outside often. This means that if left alone there will be the possibility of accidents happening in the house.

Dogs have to be bathed and groomed; they aren’t able to groom themselves. If not bathed, they can develop odor which is not good for the house. Dogs also shed; even those that are labeled non-shedding will lose some hair.


Birds aren’t that messy in and of themselves. However, they do have to have their cages cleaned and some birds will spit their sunflower seed shells out of the cage and onto the floor. They are a fairly good choice for someone looking for a pet with minor upkeep. Clean water and food and a cage cleaning on occasion.


Hamsters are cute but they do make a mess in their cages. Being nesters, they move things around all over the cage. They aren’t particular about where they relieve themselves and so the entire cage tends to smell if no cleaned often. They don’t require a lot of attention but their cage does, at least on a weekly basis.


The cleanest pet for the home is probably the most unlikely choice for the majority of people. While there are many people who have them, snakes, such as ball pythons are not a favorite pet for most people. In fact, many people won’t go near them. However, they require little attention, don’t shed hair and the minute amount of body waste they have is simple to clean up.

Beta Fish

Along with the ball python, the Beta fish would be the other cleanest pet for the home. These fish do not require aquariums with filters so there is little cleaning involved. All they need is a bowl of water that is changed occasionally and some food dropped in daily.

The cleanest pets are not the pets most people are going to choose, but they do exist. Pets are like most everything else, the more they require the more they give back. No one can argue that having a puppy cuddle up beside them is anywhere near having a Beta fish swimming beside them in a bowl.

Surface Protection Products Can Prevent Expensive Pet Damage to Your Home and Furnishings

A cute little kitten or puppy can be a great source of comfort and enjoyment to homeowners and renters everywhere. Unfortunately, these cute pets can also be the source of extensive damage to your home’s interior finishes and furniture. From stains on carpets to scratches on furniture, the list of pet caused damages can be wide-ranging. Fortunately there are easy and cost effective temporary surface protection products available to prevent this expensive damage.

Carpet stains are the most common type of pet damage incurred. This damage occurs prior to the pet being house broken or with older, incontinent pets. While there are products on the market to mask the smell of these areas, they do little to protect the carpet from additional accidents. Carpet film or carpet “mask” used routinely during construction, works extremely well at covering the carpet so that urine or feces cannot soak through the carpet and padding. Since film can remain on the carpet for up to 45 days, it gives owners time to train their pet or to replace the film as needed monthly. Carpet films can be found in local contractor supply shops as well as larger home centers throughout the country.

Scratches on doors are one of the most expensive damages incurred by pet owners. Whether constructed of wood, fiberglass or metal, doors can be protected temporarily by using DoorGuard™ door protectors. The DoorGuard™ easily attaches to the door using giant rubber bands and provides a ΒΌ” layer of sturdy cardboard that pets cannot easily penetrate with claws. The DoorGuard™ can remain in place indefinitely giving the pet owner time to install a pet door or other means to prevent future scratching. DoorGuard™ is available online only. To prevent the scratching of door jambs, there are several products on the market including Jamb Saver,™ a temporary plastic jamb protector, or Jamb Pro,™ a compressed cardboard version that works similarly. Jamb protectors are available at select contractor or surface protection stores of via online purchase.

Perhaps one of the most common complaints from pet owners is the scratching of wood or upholstered furniture. Millwork protection or Protecta-foam™ is a safe and reliable product designed to protect wood and other surfaces from damage. This adhesive foam easily wraps around wood chair legs or table legs to protect them from pet claws. In test studies, surfaces protected by the adhesive foam were completely avoided by both kittens and puppies. It was not clear whether it was a particular foam smell that pets avoided or simply that the foam did not provide tactile satisfaction. Protecta-foam is readily available via online purchase or from select contractor retail outlets.

Adhesive mats or “sticky mats” used during construction can also be a great way for pet owners to control the effects of hair shedding on floors. These adhesive mats are designed with peel away plastic sheets that collect pet hair or dirt. When the plastic sheet is covered in hair or dirt, the pet owner simply peels it away and discards it to expose a clean adhesive sheet. Mats are packaged in either 30 sheet or 60 sheet packs and each sheet can last up to 7 days. Adhesive mats are available from pet stores, surface protection stores or contractor specific retail locations.

In summary, new pet owners can use many of the same products builders and contractors use during construction and remodeling to prevent expensive surface damage. Surface protection products give new pet owners time to train their pets and to cost effectively protect against the normal damage caused by new pets.