Looking For Chinchilla Names?

A name is very important for your pets as it gives them an identity and makes them a part of your household. However, choosing a name for your pet Chinchilla might not be an easy task. The name has to be cute and easy to call out. It should also be easily recognized by the pet. It is seen that animals understand and respond very quickly to short names. It is also best to avoid names that sound like commands.

The name chinchilla itself can be varied or shortened to create names like Chinchi, Chicha, Chile, China, Chilli, Chinci, and Chilla. You can also call your chinchilla Andes or Andy as they hail from the Andes mountain regions of South America. Chinchillas are very adorable pets and sweet names such as Barbie, Teddy, and Doll are very appropriate for these beautiful creatures.

Many people prefer to name their pets on the basis of their appearance. Chinchillas are bred in different kinds of colors and you will not have much difficulty to create an adorable name, from their fur color. If your chinchilla has black velvet color, you can name it Blackie, Pepper, or Darice.

If it does have violet fur color, the most appropriate name for it will be Violet. There are many names that can be given to Chinchillas depending upon their fur colors. You can choose from a variety of pet names like Silver, Snowy, Sugar, Salt, Biscuit, Cotton, and Pinky. You can also name your Chinchilla based on its appearance such as Cinnamon, Smokey, Copper, Dusty, and Goldie.

If your chinchilla is a female, you may call them cute names like Kitty, Missy, Rosy, Princess, Daisy, and Angel. Names like Boxer, Rocky, Fox, Ghost, Jumbo and Felix can be apt for a male chinchilla. You can also give your Chinchilla human names and names of mythological characters. Likewise, if you like music very much, you can give your Chinchilla names like Symphony, Mozart, or Beethoven.

Another way to find out a name for your chinchilla is to observe its behavioral pattern for some days. Try to understand its likes and dislikes and whether it has any peculiar interests. For example, if your chinchilla likes to chew a lot, you can call it Chewy. If it is very joyful and likes to play all the time, you may call it Smiley or Skippy. A fat chinchilla can be given names like Stumpy, Chubby, Chubbs, or Hefty. If your chinchilla likes to sleep heavily, call it Sleepy or Lazy. If you notice that your chinchilla is little cunning, the name Tricky could be the most appropriate.

You may also name your chinchilla after your beloved movie star, movie character or your favorite childhood cartoon character. There are also many famous fictional pets like Lassie, Rufus, Benji, and Rover. If you think that your chinchilla is extremely beautiful, you can definitely give it names like Pretty, Sweetie, or Cutie. There are countless names to call chinchillas and use your imagination to select a proper name for your charming and lovable chinchilla.