World of Warcraft – How to Get Pengu, the Cute Penguin Companion Pet in WoW

Until lately, the only penguin pet you could obtain in World of Warcraft, was Pengu. Now you can also get Mr Chilly, but that’s a whole other story. When Pengu was just created, he had red eyes, but that was changed with the latest patch, where people would receive his twin, Mr Chilly, in their mailbox, just for merging their World of Warcraft account with a Battlenet account. The two penguins are now almost identical, both with big, blue eyes.

If you want to include Pengu into your companion pet collection, you can purchase him from a vendor in Northrend. Yes, that means that you have to have the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but that is not all. As you know, you can only buy from vendors, which are at least neutral with you. The vendor selling Pengu is even more demanding. He wants you to have exalted reputation with his people, before he’ll allow you to take responsibility for any of their pets.

Did you ever encounter some walrus looking humanoids in Northrend? These are the Kalu’ak people. They are very friendly people, who love to fish, and who takes care of animals like turtles (they use them as mounts), penguins, and worgen pubs. To gain the exalted reputation with the Kalu’ak, you can do a series of quests, which would take you at least 26 days to finish. A few quests in Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, and Dragonblight, leads up to daily quests, you can do all three places.

Once you’re exalted with the Kalu’ak, you can not only get the cute Pengu, but also an epic fishing pole, which is one of the two best in the game. Pengu can be purchased for a little less than 10 gold from the vendors Sairuk and Tanaika. You will receive a Nurtured Penguin Egg, which is bound when picked up. In other words, you cannot sell this pet in the Auction House.

Pengu will follow you around as any other pet, and if you click on him, he says a little squeaky chirp. When you jump into the water, he will follow you and swim under the water on his belly. I’ve read that he did a slide, if you targeted him and wrote /sexy, but he doesn’t do this animation anymore.

Is it worth 26 days of questing to get this companion? Well, if you are a true collector of pets, then yes. And you should also take into consideration that each of the quests will reward you with gold, and having a good reputation with the Kalu’ak allows you to purchase interesting weapons, armor, and recipes from the as well.