What Makes Sugar Gliders the Perfect Pet?

Why should you consider sugar gliders as pets? Sugar gliders are considered the perfect household pet by families all around the globe. They are very small and do not require any special care, unlike other exotic pets. They are very cute to look at and lovely to play with.

Gliders are pocket sized marsupials, the same family as kangaroos and koalas. They are not rodents (like rats and mice) even though they bear a striking similarity.

They get their name for they have a penchant for sweet things, as their diet in the wild consists of fruit nectar and the sap from eucalyptus trees. The glider part of their name comes from a flap of skin that runs from their wrists to their ankles that allows them to glide effortless from tree to tree in their natural habitat. They are originally from Australia and make their home in the trees in the forest. They are generally very healthy and can be expected to live for 12-15 years.

Seniors living alone at home should consider having Sugar Gliders as pets for they don’t require a lot of maintenance and are very loving. Gliders also make great pets for children 6 years old and up. Children younger than 6 should only handle these pets under adult supervision.

These cool critters are nocturnal animals so they are most active at nights. However they will be happy to accompany you throughout the day sleeping inside a coat or shirt pocket.

Sugar gliders love being near their owners, so many persons allow them to cling on an inside shirt or in a shirt pocket. They crave attention and companionship so if you show them love they will respond in like manner. They do not do well with punishment but if you treat them with gentleness and care you will be rewarded with a loving devoted companion for life.

Sugar gliders make perfect pets because they are low maintenance. They are clean and do not carry bad odors. They don’t make a mess and will clean themselves, so there is no need to bathe them. They carry no diseases so there is no need to vaccinate them. They do not catch diseases so there is little need for visits to the vet.

Sugar gliders will not destroy furniture. Gliders will not gnaw and chew your shoes or grind their teeth on your chairs. They have no need to chew constantly like rodents so you can feel safe when they are out of their cage and roaming around.

Sugar gliders are very loving and clingy. They are social animals which makes them bond well with their human family. They are loyal and form good bonds with their owners and will be committed to you for life.

If you are considering taking sugar gliders as a pet, it is one of the most fulfilling decisions you can make. These beautiful loving pets will adore you for a lifetime and you will have no choice but to love them in return.

Sugar Gliders As Pets: The Pros and Cons

There is no doubt about it: sugar gliders are so cute you would never miss the chance of playing and bonding with them. Moreover, they are so tiny that they can fit in your pockets and take them wherever you go. These little gliders of Australia are affectionate, smart and extremely loving. If you need an animal companion that does not require too much aside from your caring and loving, then you should definitely consider getting one.

Considering getting a sugar glider requires you to look at the pros and cons of having one as a pet. Although they may seem to be one of the greatest pets that you can get, they are still animals that have special needs and qualities that you may find difficult to provide and adjust to. Thus, before you jump right onto purchasing one for yourself, take a look at this list of pros and cons to having them as pets.

Cons or Disadvantages

1. They are nocturnal. Sugar gliders are nocturnal in nature. This means that they tend to be active and awake at night. If you are after the fun that playing with one can provide, you may not experience it until a few hours after sunset. Yours may even wake up and become active just when you are about to sleep.

To solve this problem, you have two options: train them to adjust to your schedule or let them be. Since these animals can be domesticated, you can train them to suit your schedule. This would mean quieter evenings. However, because gliders need attention and affection, they may feel depressed and anxious if they do not see you around the house that much. Letting them live in their nocturnal ways will make for a happy sugar glider waiting for you after work or school. You just have to provide toys in their cages that will keep them happy and not wake you when you’re asleep.

2. The question of one or more. As mentioned, sugar gliders are very sociable and they need a regular companion. If you buy only one, you would need to give it your best attention and affection. Since they are nocturnal, yours would expect you to play with it in the evening. However, you also need to sleep. To solve this, you may wish to get another (a pair, in other words) to provide each a constant companion.

3. They cannot be potty trained. Unlike dogs and cats, sugar gliders cannot be potty trained. If you know your pet very well, you may notice their behavior before they go potty. If you notice that they are about to “go,” take them to an area where they can release. Sugar gliders would normally not urinate or defecate in the place where they sleep. If you allow your glider to sleep in your pocket often, it will not urinate on you.

Pros or Advantages

1. It is easy to bond with sugar gliders. With adequate care and proper attention and interaction, you can make these cute little ones bond with you. They will recognize you – your scent, your footsteps, your voice, everything! They would love to curl up in your lap or pocket and sleep there when given the chance.

2. They are absolutely adorable… and cute! Their cuteness can help you be relieved from stress. You may find it relaxing to watch them play, jump, climb and glide around. If you have a pair, watching them play together in their cage will also make you feel at ease and relaxed.

3. They are low-maintenance and inexpensive to care for. Sugar gliders do not need regular visits to the veterinarian. They also do not need vaccinations and deworming sessions such as dogs and cats. Keeping up with their diet is also inexpensive.

Common Characteristics of Sugar Gliders – Be Familiar With Your Pet

Nowadays, the coolest animal that you can ever have as a pet is a Sugar Glider. This cute and cuddly pet will be surely loved by the kids, also by your family. You can surely be proud having this cute pet.

This exotic animal, like most people, can be very nice to others if they have been treated well. Feeding it with right food at the right time can surely make it so nice. Treating it right, you can feel their appreciation on the form of their behavior. This is one great characteristics of sugar gliders have that you cannot find on other exotic pets. This small cute marsupial does not eat much, but they have special diet to maintain their healthy life style. Pet owners should include some particular foods on their diet.

Petaurus briceps is the scientific name of this small arboreal marsupial that can be mostly found in the native forest of Australia, New Guinea, including the state islands of Indonesia and Tasmania. Members of the same type of family are the kangaroos, opossums, wombats and Tasmanian devils.

One common characteristic of Sugar gliders can be easily recognized by the extra ordinary thickness of their grayish soft mink that resemble the hair and posses black stripe throughout the body that is inline with their spine. The black stripe is located from the heartht to the tail. Here are some things that you will need to know about the characteristics of sugar gliders.

* The face and the legs of this animal have a dramatic black shades.

* The width of their body is equal to the length of the tail, which commonly measures five to six inches.

* Adult Sugar Glider weighs about four to six ounces, however, males can exceed this proximity because they are much bigger than the female.

* Sugar Glider, like many other marsupials, they also have the pouch were they carry their young’s, that are commonly know as the Joey’s

* In the natural habitat, they are tree dwelling and mostly living in a herd, which is composed of fifteen to thirty members.

* This exotic animal are nocturnal that mainly feed on small vertebrates like insects and plants such as the acacia tree, eucalyptus and the gum tree.

* Sugar gliders can be compared to the flying squirrel because they glide themselves above up to a hundred feet. They glide using their membrane, which is called the patagium and by using their tail, the direction can be control while on the air.

* They posses opposable fingers and toes and the male has a forked penis.

* Their ear moves frequently in other for them to hear even the smallest sounds.

* Ears of this animal are hairless, large and thin.

* Sugar Gliders individually have unique scents that are been recognized by other Sugar Glider. The scent gland of the male is located on the head that appear like a diamond while on the female it is located near the pouch.