The Pros and Cons of Having a Ferret For a Pet

My ferrets “dook,” do the war dance, and “skitter” between my feet, and make my husband, kids, and I smile. For my family, ferrets are excellent pets. My husband thinks they’re better than dogs, and the whole lot of us prefer ferrets to cats. Ferrets are very different from cats and dogs, however.Their behavior, smell, motivations, and shape are all different from cats and dogs. They are classified as exotic pets, and it is important that you consider the pros and cons of ferret parenthood before adopting one of these wonderful weasels.

The differences between ferrets and other pets create the pros and cons of having a pet ferret

Intelligence: I hesitate to say that cats and dogs are smarter than ferrets, but I readily acknowledge that ferrets have a significantly different kind of intelligence. Ferrets are pretty good problem solvers. As an example, for Christmas one year, I put an apple in a stocking for my ferret. (The ferret liked to steal apples and hide them. He didn’t actually eat them.) The apple was just a tad smaller in diameter as the stocking. Ernie put his head in the stocking, grabbed the apple, and pulled. It didn’t work. After only two tries he crawled out of the stocking and got on top of it. He pushed the apple out.

Tenacity: Every ferret I have ever seen has been far more tenacious than the most dedicated cat or dog. Ferrets are intensely curious. They must know what is behind closed doors. They must know what is behind a barrier. They need to study the backside of a dishwasher and the inside of a sofa. If a ferret somehow manages to get in your pots and pans cabinet, don’t be surprised to find them later in with your silverware. This tenacity makes it difficult to “ferret proof” and make your house safe for your beloved pets.

Thievery: Dogs tend to steal shoes and socks as puppies, but they outgrow the behavior. Ferrets “steal” throughout their lives. If an object appeals to a ferret, it will snatch that object and hide it in their stash. Ferrets do not grow out of this–humans learn to put up their keys and shoes.

Diet (Input): While dogs are omnivores, ferrets are like cats. They are carnivores. In fact, ferrets are obligate carnivores and they eat meat and fat. Ferrets need ferret food, and ferret food is a little more expensive than cat food.

Output: Ferrets don’t bury their excrement in a litter box. Dogs are easily trained to go outside. Ferrets, on the other hand, generally do their business in corners. While they can be trained to use litter boxes, it’s rare to find a ferret that will walk to another room to use a litter box.

Names: Cats and dogs quickly learn their names and dogs are easily trained to come to their name. Few ferrets know their names. Only two of my ferrets know their names. A woman I know who has operated a ferret shelter for 18 years tells me she has only ever seen one ferret demonstrate knowledge of her name.

Which of these are pros and which are cons? Well, the answer to that question is different for each person.

Before you get a ferret for a pet, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. If your pet ferret steals your keys, is it cute? If your pet ferret steals your keys twenty times, is it still cute?
  2. Are you willing to re-arrange your house to ferret-proof it?
  3. Are you willing to deal with magnetic locks on your cabinets?
  4. Are you willing to get rid of your recliners?
  5. Do you get bent out of shape if the bottoms of your doors have scratch marks on them?
  6. Do you mind cleaning litter boxes?
  7. Do you mind cleaning up areas that aren’t the litter box?
  8. Can you get over a two-foot tall Plexiglas barrier?
  9. Do you have a sensitive nose?
  10. If you leave a glass out, will you mind if it gets tilted over and a nose in it?

It’s not all bad though. As yourself these questions too.

  1. Do you like watching curious animals?
  2. Do you like playing with your animals?
  3. Do you like pets that will play with you and play on their own?
  4. Do you like cute animals?

Ferrets are not for everyone, but they are wonderful for some people

Ferrets can seem chaotic at times, but once you get to know the species, they aren’t.

Are you still considering a pet ferret?

Please visit a ferret shelter close to you and talk with the shelter workers. Besides the fact that almost every ferret shelter is overflowing right now, the shelter people can help you understand a specific ferret’s personality. The shelter people also have a vested interested in doing what it takes to make your home the ferret’s forever home. The American Ferret Association and Ferret Life both have directories for ferret shelters.

Why Hedgehog Adoption Is Becoming Popular

Are you looking for a tiny exotic pet? Well then hedgehog adoption is the ultimate choice for you. Hedgehogs might not be on top of your list when you decide to get a pet but you will never regret getting a hedgehog home. The cute little bundle of joy will definitely brighten your life.

Pet Panorama

Hedgehog adoption is becoming more and more popular with each passing day because of various reasons. First of all, they are cute. They look like a ball of quill with a little face sticking out at one end. They have soft fur on their face which makes them look all the more adorable. It is quite fascinating to watch the hedgehog roll into a ball. Their spines are not meant to attack you. They are only occasionally used when the hedgehog is either scared or nervous.

Hedgehogs are tiny creatures. They happily stay inside their cage. They can be adopted even if you have a small house where large pets are not allowed. A cage of about 3-4 square feet would be adequate for their survival. The hedgehogs are basically quiet creatures.

They make scuffling noises when they play on their wheel or run around but apart from that, they do not cause any such noise. At least they do not bark or squawk and won’t be disturbing the neighbors. They are nocturnal animals. Hence most hedgehogs stay inactive during the day.

They make a great pet for people who are allergic to cat and dog dander as they do not spread dander. Hedgehogs prove to be hassle free pets as they have to be taken to the vet for annual checkups but routine vaccinations are not required. Hedgehogs are also different from rodents. They do not chew on things they find around them.

Hedgehogs can be exceptionally rewarding if they are handled with proper care. They fall asleep on the palm of your hand when they start trusting you. The sight of it makes you forget all your worries of the day. People looking for exotic pets have an affinity towards hedgehogs because they are unique and curious.

Hedgehog adoption is considered illegal in many states. Some areas might require a permit for ownership. Therefore make sure you have investigated the legality of adopting a hedgehog before bringing them home. Also remember to buy the hedgehog from licensed breeders. Make sure that you will be able to take proper care of the hedgehog as they have special requirements.

Hedgehog Adoption – A Blessing in Disguise

The hedgehog can be a pretty special pet if you treat it the right way. They might be slow learners but they learn to reciprocate your love eventually. Just like with humans, you have to work on build an amicable relationship with him. Hedgehog adoption is a boon for life.

On the one hand you get to own an exotic pet and on the other hand you save an endangered life. So if you are planning to own a pet, give hedgehog adoption a serious thought. They might bring back the missing happiness in your life.

Small Stuffed Animals – Plush Toys

Do you ever recall of your childhood playing with stuffed toys and there was just one plush toy that you were addicted to. Great days right? Well, let’s just bring those memories back and give your children the same. As we bring you the new range of small stuffed animals. Those who aren’t aware of a plush toy, it’s a toy which is sewn from a plain cloth. And it is stuffed with a very soft material which makes it Squeezable. The first ever country to make a stuffed toy was Germany. These toys are now used all around the world and quite famous among the children aged 0-10. In America, they are known by many names and some include plushies or Snuggies. Whereas in England it’s famous with two names only; soft toys or cuddly toys.

What makes small stuffed animals adorable?

These stuffed toys come with a load of fun. Being safe is not the only advantage. Parents might think of them as soft and cute small stuffed animals. They have a lot of potential lying in them. The great advantages a kid can get from them are:

  • Educational: These animal shaped toys are a way of learning for the children. They become familiar with the words like cat, dog and a lion.
  • Imagination: These plushies help children open the gates of their imagination. They help them in imagining the animal being in action. For example; a lion would help them imagine its way of living in the jungle. After all, every kid wants its animal to be the best.
  • Emotions: They are a tremendous way of testing your kid’s emotions. They’ll hit it, throw it and kiss it. This way it becomes easier to observe their emotions and can know about their likes and dislikes.
  • Creating A Field: A kid’s imagination can never be stopped once the gates have been opened. Once they start reaching an age of understanding they will start creating fields for their Snuggies. For instance; a boy having a rhino would consider making a battle field and making it into a war zone. But a girl would even make a crocodile into a fairy or a princess of some magical world.
  • Secret Holders: These adorable toys can be a great secret holder for your kids as many kids like discussing their secrets with someone who they can reply on. They need someone with whom they can talk and play with all day. And once they are in love with their favourite cuddly toys, they will share their secrets with them.
  • Calmer: Once these stuffed animals are your children’s best friend they would start treating them as real pets. And you know what pets are really good at. Yes!Calming you down. They do and will work as a great calmer. When you see them in bad mood, make sure that they lay their eyes on their best pets.

These animals are the best way you can grow your children in imaginations. Not only that they will have a great sleep as they are warm and cozy.